Here's How To Complete Your Enrollment:

  • Submit your $650 non-refundable enrollment deposit (see instructions below). International students, please scroll down to see information just for you.
  • Electronically sign the First-Year Student Enrollment Agreement (Sign In under “Make Your Decision”). Also, don’t forget to choose your First Impact cause within the enrollment agreement!
  • Visit the Connect page and meet future classmates!

Deposit By:

January 15: Early Decision I
March 1: Early Decision II
May 1: Regular Decision
Welcome Class of 2025!


Online (Preferred method)

Pay online via OPUS, Emory's online student system, using a U.S. bank account or credit card.

  • Obtain your OPUS Network ID and Password (if you have not done so already). If you do not have a social security number, or did not provide one on your application, please visit this alternative page to retrieve your Network ID and password using your Date of Birth and Application Email.
  • Once logged into OPUS, click on the Admissions Tile and you will find the link to pay your deposit there. Follow the instructions on the page to pay with a U.S. bank account or credit card.


The preferred method for paying your deposit is online via your OPUS account. If you have extenuating circumstances or are unable to pay your deposit online, please email

International Wire Transfer/Foreign Country

International students who don't have a credit card or a U.S. Bank checking or savings account, can pay by international wire transfer through OPUS, Emory's online student portal. You may submit the deposit via foreign currency through the Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS Global Pay) payment process located in OPUS. This process will exchange many different currencies into U.S. Dollars and transfer payment directly to your Emory student account. This method reduces processing fees and time. To select this option inside your OPUS account, click on the Admissions Tile, click the "Pay Admission Deposit" and you will be taken to the view payment instructions.

For deposit payments by foreign currency, please ensure that applicant's full name and seven-digit EMPLID number are entered correctly on the WUBS Global Pay website.

If you cannot use a U.S. Bank account or the foreign currency payment option, then you can wire transfer your payment. Instructions for submitting via a wire transfer are found on the same OPUS page that contains the foreign currency payment instructions. Please review our policies regarding wire transfers. Allow up to 10 business days for the funds to be posted.


If you applied for financial aid and met your financial aid deadline, your aid information will be available in the Financial Aid tile of OPUS approximately 24-48 business hours after the release of your admission decision. Applicants to Oxford for Spring 2024 will receive aid information in mid-April. If you have missing documentation, your award may not be available. Missing documentation will be listed on your To-Do list from the Tasks tile within OPUS.

If you have questions about financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid directly.

Emory College

Office of Financial Aid
Atlanta, GA

Oxford College

Office of Enrollment Services
Oxford, GA

Oxford Spring Admission

A select group of students admitted to Oxford College are eligible to start school in January, for the spring semester, instead of August. Learn more about this unique opportunity.

Oxford Spring Info


Students may wish to take a gap year or defer enrolling for a wide variety of reasons. Emory University views deferred enrollment as an opportunity for the student to pursue non-academic enrichment, personal fulfillment, service, social enterprise, growth, exploration, and self-discovery. The core purpose of our deferred enrollment policy does not include seeking full-time enrollment elsewhere.

  • Typically, gap years are approved for 1 year, and enrollment is expected in Fall 2024. Occasionally 2-year gap years are approved for military or religious commitments.
  • All gap year requests must be reviewed and approved by our office.
  • The deadline to submit a gap year request is June 1, 2023.
Considering a Gap Year?

If you are considering a gap year, review the policy below and then submit the form for your appropriate campus. Requests are reviewed by our office leadership, and students can expect a response in 7-10 business days.

Deferred Admission Policy:

  • Before a student can request a gap year, they need to pay the $650 enrollment deposit by the deposit deadline for their admission plan.
  • Deferred students must submit a final high school transcript and/or other appropriate academic transcripts. We recommend that your high school submit your final transcript in June 2023 rather than waiting until June 2024 to track this down.
  • Should a deferred student change their mind about enrollment while on a gap year, they agree to withdraw from Emory University before they apply to any other schools or institutions, out of respect for other students who want to attend Emory.
  • Emory is unable to hold a first-year spot for a student if they are no longer committed to enrolling here. Students are, however, eligible to reapply if they would like to consider other institutions along with Emory University.
  • Deferred students may not enroll in another college or university as degree seeking. A deferred student who enrolls in another institution as degree seeking during the deferral period will forfeit their admission to Emory University along with their enrollment deposit.
  • Deferred students may transfer credit for no more than two single semester courses taken during the gap year. Typically, one college course is three credit hours at Emory University, so a student can expect to transfer up to 6 credit hours. There is a process, the summer before enrolling, where the deferred student requests to have their college credit evaluated. We are unable to evaluate credit hours before this time. Learn more about transfer credit.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

  • Deferred students will receive their academic scholarship if awarded in their original admission offer.
  • Deferred students will not be considered for any new merit awards or any invitations to the Emory Scholar Programs during their gap year.
  • Domestic applicants interested in need-based financial aid must submit new FAFSA and CSS Financial Aid Profile forms by the applicable deadlines. Additional information and deadlines can be found at Emory Financial Aid.
  • Students living in Georgia and eligible for the HOPE/Zell Miller award are encouraged to talk to the Office of Financial Aid about how taking degree-seeking courses at another institution during a gap year may impact their HOPE/Zell Miller award for Emory University.

Complete your enrollment and become an Emory Eagle today.