We're So Glad You're Here

Congratulations! You are chosen for the Emory University Class of 2026! After reviewing more than 30,000 applications, you and your application stood out. You've proven to us that you're ready to make your mark, and there's no better place to do that than here! We are a community guided by eminent faculty and a commitment to discovery, and Atlanta, a global city known for rising up and leading the way.

Whether you've been admitted to Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Oxford College, or both, we are excited to have you as part of our community. In ways big and small, you and your classmates will push learning further, uncover new ideas, and change the way we live in the world.

This website contains important information about event dates and enrollment. To make a reservation for an admitted student event or to enroll with Emory University, admitted students will need to log in to the full version of our Admitted Student Website. (Please use your application login information to access the full site.)

We're so glad you're here.


We are excited to offer a wide range of engaging, community-building activities for students and parents! The calendar includes both in-person and virtual events for Emory College and Oxford College. Please click the event link for more detailed information and to register. 

*Please note that all events are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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Our Commitment

Emory is committed to doing its very best to engage with you. We want to provide:

  • Authentic conversations with current students
  • Connection points with esteemed faculty and university leadership
  • Ways to virtually explore campus and see our facilities

Campus Tours

Emory College and Oxford College are excited to connect with you either in person or virtually, in whatever ways you and your family prefer. In-person daily visit options are offered year-round. During a visit to either campus, you will be able to take a campus tour, interact with current students, and attend an information session hosted by admission staff.

Schedule your visit here or utilize our virtual tour feature below!  

Connect with Current Students

Talking to current students is the most authentic way to learn about the student experience.

What is it like to be on campus? What is the campus community like? And who is your favorite professor and why?

The vast majority of students with whom you will interact are volunteers. They are encouraged to share their real reasons for choosing Emory and what continues to inspire them about this community.

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